Litigation Resolution Assistance

Our TEAM of experts can assist throughout multiple phases of your case. Let us assist with some of the peripheral issues that divert your attention from what you do best.

Mediation & Settlement Conference Attendance
As a part of our client's team, and the plaintiff's "financial expert", we feel it is our responsibility to be available in person to address our client's financial questions and concerns.

Document Assistance & Preparation
The 360 TEAM is available to help our clients dot the "I's" and cross the "T's" to ensure a smooth resolution and proper implementation of their chosen course of action. In addition, we offer sample language to include in retainer agreements as well as suggested terms of settlement to preserve all of our clientís options.

Lien Resolution & Medicare Compliance (MSAs)
The 360 TEAM works side-by-side with many of the nation's top litigators on a daily basis. In doing so, we have obtained a rare and unique skill-set that includes advantageous strategies for lien resolution, an understanding of CMS reporting requirements, and the importance of considering Medicare's secondary payer rights.