Comprehensive Financial Solutions

Sample tools and strategies used to implement an approved plan.

Income Producing Assets & Fixed Investments
Settlement annuities, laddered bond portfolios, CDs, and other conservative banking solutions provide the dependable income needed for our client's essential current and ongoing expenses.

Managed Investment Accounts
Our actively-managed investment accounts employ a value investing strategy overseen by the "Best in Class" advisor, Eric Barden, of Barden Capital. Each account features individually held positions, owned directly by our clients, that eliminate layers of overlooked fees (often found within Mutual Funds) allowing for maximum transparency and an increase in the overall return realized by our clients.

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Insurance and Other Risk Management Consideration
Health, life, and property insurance combined with estate planning protects our clients and their personalized plan from the unexpected.

Tax Planning and Deferred Compensation
We work with our clients to improve their cash flow and control the recognition of their income for tax purposes.

Legal Trusts
The unique needs of a client cannot always be met with a combination of financial vehicles alone. Our experience and professional relationships enable us to incorporate the use of legal trusts into the personally tailored plans we provide.

  • Preservation and Support Trusts - These solutions protect our client's funds from premature dissipation by providing permanence combined with a level of liquidity that cannot be duplicated through the use of financial products alone.
  • Special Needs Trusts - Both individual and pooled special needs trusts are utilized to protect needs-based public benefits while making funds available for purposes and services not provided through those programs.
  • Qualified Settlement Funds (468B Trusts) - Our clients are provided with a time where they are not pressured, allowing them to make sound, informed financial decisions with guidance from trusted professionals that have their best interests in mind.